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Network challenges vary from country to country, but user demand for fast and powerful wireless broadband is universal. Enhancing the online experience comes down to optimising wireless network speed and performance capabilities at any location, on any device at any time.
Sanlinking Technologies is a provider of Multi-Band Wifi and 4G Integrated Solution, playing a pivotal role in realzing the vision of the high speed Internet of Things, by offering Multi-Band WiFi and 4G integrated solutions, multi-user video connecting, mobile high speed network applications will be get better experiences than exsited devices. Our technologies are developed ahead of network advances and future trends to provide our carrier partners with the benefit of being first-to-market with exclusively customised wireless products.
Sanlinking's products are qualified by the world's leading WiFi carriers, and have been adopted by OEM/ODM device makers as their high speed wireless network solutions, including wireless bus, wilress education, wireless media and M2M applications. We design, develop and deliver wireless technologies adapted to meet the unique regional, market and spectrum needs of our carrier partners across China, UK, France, Czech, South Africa, Austrilia.